Improve Your Business Productivity With Mobile Data Collection

Today, when everything is going mobile, it’s time to bid adieu to paper-based data collection process and embrace mobile forms. These types of forms are not only easy to create, but are also fast, secure, and cost-efficient.

Here is how switching to mobile forms for data collection can benefit your business.

Accelerated data collection

Using mobile forms for data collection can speed up business processes, owing to easy drag and drop fields, drop down menus, radio buttons, and check boxes. Features like geo-location, time stamping, and digital signatures help in delivering quick and better services.

Mobile forms come in handy for not only speeding up business processes, but also to include crucial information, such as a photo, which would otherwise have to be additionally submitted along with paper forms.

Moreover, unlike manual data collection, where professionals are solely dedicated to feed data captured through paper forms into the machines, mobile data collection eliminates the need for data entry, thus freeing up the professionals to perform other important business operations. Mobile forms allow your team to do more with efficiency, while saving time as well as money.

Faster workflow

Once the mobile forms are populated, they can be shared with other professionals in the office or on the field in real time. This speeds up any approvals or consent required to proceed to the next phase of business operations.

In addition, when data is collected using mobile forms, chances of data entry errors are minimal. Other major problem with manual data collection – incomplete or missing information, is also eliminated with mobile forms. It means that data can be put to use right away, resulting in faster business workflow.

Automated business processes

Gone are the days of manual audit. Today, businesses are using artificial intelligence to conduct audit.

Conditional logic and filters help ensure if the information being captured meets particular patterns. If it does, a specific pattern is triggered and corresponding action is performed, like dispatching a field team to fix repair post inspection.

Mobile forms allow managers and supervisors to spend less time to audit paper forms and more on delivering quality as well as quick services to customers.

Anytime and anywhere access to data

Mobile forms facilitate real time access to data. It does not matter whether the professionals are in the office, on the field, in a different state or a country, data captured using mobile forms can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

For example: consider that your insurance team is at your prospective customer’s location and is trying to sell an insurance plan. If you could share information about the customer, such as his/her behavioural information, any insurance plan previously purchased, what he/she is looking for, your insurance team can offer the best insurance plan and great customer experience as well. This leads to your customer agreeing to purchase your insurance plan.

Businesses are well aware of the fact that to stand apart from the competition, there is a need to maintain transparency and deliver the best experience to customers as well as stakeholders. Mobile forms allow instant submission of data to both stakeholders and customers to maintain transparency and to keep all those involved in a process on the same page.

Data analytics and insights

Data collected using mobile forms is stored into a repository. This data can be used by analytics tools, which is then processed and converted into insights and valuable information that is usually not visible using paper forms.

Analytics offers plenty of benefits such as offering an insight into possible risks involved in a particular business process, easy cost estimation, quick and well-informed decision making and more.

Analytics not only help your business to understand parameters that speed up company growth, but also allow you to concentrate on areas to lead the competition by performing things in a better way.

Offering multiple benefits, mobile forms are a boon to business. While many companies have already embarked on the journey to go paperless, many others are thinking about the same. If you want to improve your business process and its productivity, go mobile.

TeamBee is a mobile form building app which allows its users to create customizable mobile forms for data collection. With its feature to transform data into pie charts and graphs, it enables qualitative and quantitative analysis of data, helping in better decision making.