Benefits of Digital Marketing Agency

Over the years, there has been a rise in the number of digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. They are more advanced and result oriented and very different from a traditional marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency is a group of digital ethics marketers who are persistent on creating results in the online space. Here measurable marketing and ROI is the name of the game, in the room.

For a very quick overview of how digital marketing agencies in Mumbai benefits, let’s break it down as simply as possible.

Provide Client Servicing

In a digital agency, once the client comes on board – through the sales team – the account managers or client servicing executives coordinate client requirements on a daily basis. They then create strategies based on these requirements and get them executed from different teams they own. The solutions could be the more traditional need for web design and development or server hosting, to newer demands such as mobile app technology, blogging, and social media management.

Boost ROI

One of the most essential services a digital marketing agency provides is a reliable and steady boost in your ROI (Return On Investment). Higher ROI means – higher profits. The agency helps in converting leads to customers. That means long-term sales growth.

By evaluating the website traffic, determining the best online platforms to invest in, and continually maintaining the balance between your marketing activities, the digital agency provides you desired results you aim for.

Helps You Reach Wider Audience

Digital marketing agencies help you reach a wide number of audiences worldwide. You are no longer limited by the restrictions of locality, but instead, you can be visible to potential customers wherever they are living.

Anyone around the globe can see what you have to offer at any moment of the day or night; you are not bound by fixed operating hours but instead, you are open for business round the clock.

Cost Effective

Many companies contact digital marketing agencies in Mumbai because the costs are much lower than if the company would have its own team of digital marketing. Strategies such as blogs, use of social media and good use of SEO all cost less per lead, making this a much better ROI.

Moreover, the responsive nature of a digital campaign gives you complete control at all times. Depending on what your analytic reports tell you, you can make changes or even halt your campaign altogether – this means you won’t be wasting your budget or valuable time on strategies that aren’t working and you can focus on what is getting results.

However, while hiring a digital agency in Mumbai, not only the costs need to be considered but also the expertise of the agency, the experience, creativity, and focus on developing digital strategies should be kept in mind.

Online Shopping is The Easiest Way to Marketing

How many times have you stared online shopping of women’s and mens clothing and accessories and other things?

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Why shop with us?

If you are still arising the question on your mind why should you believe us, here it is. Every product you order will be delivered to your door step. You can choose to pay through Cash on Delivery or online payment. Our easy return policies ensure that if you don’t like something we take it back in your home and return your money within three working days. So why wait? You have to visit on website and choose your products and buy your favorite items. Any time, any day and shop to your heart’s content.

Beautiful Dresses at Best Prices

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The Best World Markets

Known as the “Otavalo Market” to tourists, it is called Plaza de los Ponchos and also Centenario Market by locals.

Otavalo is a town located in the northern Andes. The town center is located at 8345 feet (2543 meters) above sea level. This is a homeland for the indigenous Quechua people, who are still dressed in traditional clothing. Each village in the area specializes in its own craft, from woodworking to leather goods. During the week, the artisans of these small towns converge in Otavalo to sell their products.

The largest day for Otavalo is Saturday, and the second largest is Wednesday. On those days you can see many stalls in the main plaza and in the alleyways of the town. Try to come here early in the morning, before Otavalo becomes crowded with numerous visitors. Here you can also visit the animal market, with chickens, alpacas, goats and sheep.

La Boqueria, Barcelona

Entering this market, you can find all the tasty, healthy and famous products of Barcelona in one place! This trading ground was first described in the 1200s, and at that time it was a travelling market for stallholders from Catalonia. Later, in 1470, pigs were sold here.

Originally, the market was not fenced in, as it had no official status. It was not enclosed and had no official status, as it was regarded as a simple extension of the Placa Nova. It also had no definite structure. Nowadays, this market is the largest covered market in the region. It is located in the Ciutat Vella district and has a very diverse selection of food.

Marche Place Monge, Paris

The capital of France can impress you with more than 80 outdoor food markets. However, if you are visiting Paris, we suggest that you check out Marche Place Monge, one of the local favorites, with a great food selection and decent prices. Here you can buy fruits and vegetables, organic salads, meat and fish from Boulogne and Dieppe, cheese and wine, and many other products. Even clothing and footwear are available. The busiest day of the Market is Sunday, attracting many visitors, both locals and foreign tourists. Plus, you can taste some of your acquisitions in the nearby Jardin des Arenes (the ruins of Paris’s Roman arena), the perfect spot for a relaxing picnic.

Yashow Market, Beijing

The concept of the market is reminiscent of the Silk Market, one of the most famous in Beijing. It is located at Sanlitun, the street where all the famous bars and clubs are situated. In the basement of the market you can find shoes, suitcases and handbags. The first and the second floors are famous for designer clothes, while the third has a big selection of silk and suit fabric and fabric for children.

The two best spots in the city for tourists are the Silk Market (8 Xiushui East St, Chaoyang) and the giant Yashow Market next to Sanlitun.

Cai Rang Floating Market – Mekong Delta, Vietnam

It is impossible not to mention a Vietnamese floating market on our Market list. The Cai Rang Floating Market is one of the largest floating markets in the whole country.

Here the shops are located on boats, and products are fresh, tasty and traditional. You can buy separate ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, fish and salads, and also prepared meals. Try to come here early in order to avoid it being overcrowded. Visiting the floating markets of Vietnam is a perfect way to study and feel local Vietnamese life.

Improve Your Business Productivity With Mobile Data Collection

Today, when everything is going mobile, it’s time to bid adieu to paper-based data collection process and embrace mobile forms. These types of forms are not only easy to create, but are also fast, secure, and cost-efficient.

Here is how switching to mobile forms for data collection can benefit your business.

Accelerated data collection

Using mobile forms for data collection can speed up business processes, owing to easy drag and drop fields, drop down menus, radio buttons, and check boxes. Features like geo-location, time stamping, and digital signatures help in delivering quick and better services.

Mobile forms come in handy for not only speeding up business processes, but also to include crucial information, such as a photo, which would otherwise have to be additionally submitted along with paper forms.

Moreover, unlike manual data collection, where professionals are solely dedicated to feed data captured through paper forms into the machines, mobile data collection eliminates the need for data entry, thus freeing up the professionals to perform other important business operations. Mobile forms allow your team to do more with efficiency, while saving time as well as money.

Faster workflow

Once the mobile forms are populated, they can be shared with other professionals in the office or on the field in real time. This speeds up any approvals or consent required to proceed to the next phase of business operations.

In addition, when data is collected using mobile forms, chances of data entry errors are minimal. Other major problem with manual data collection – incomplete or missing information, is also eliminated with mobile forms. It means that data can be put to use right away, resulting in faster business workflow.

Automated business processes

Gone are the days of manual audit. Today, businesses are using artificial intelligence to conduct audit.

Conditional logic and filters help ensure if the information being captured meets particular patterns. If it does, a specific pattern is triggered and corresponding action is performed, like dispatching a field team to fix repair post inspection.

Mobile forms allow managers and supervisors to spend less time to audit paper forms and more on delivering quality as well as quick services to customers.

Anytime and anywhere access to data

Mobile forms facilitate real time access to data. It does not matter whether the professionals are in the office, on the field, in a different state or a country, data captured using mobile forms can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

For example: consider that your insurance team is at your prospective customer’s location and is trying to sell an insurance plan. If you could share information about the customer, such as his/her behavioural information, any insurance plan previously purchased, what he/she is looking for, your insurance team can offer the best insurance plan and great customer experience as well. This leads to your customer agreeing to purchase your insurance plan.

Businesses are well aware of the fact that to stand apart from the competition, there is a need to maintain transparency and deliver the best experience to customers as well as stakeholders. Mobile forms allow instant submission of data to both stakeholders and customers to maintain transparency and to keep all those involved in a process on the same page.

Data analytics and insights

Data collected using mobile forms is stored into a repository. This data can be used by analytics tools, which is then processed and converted into insights and valuable information that is usually not visible using paper forms.

Analytics offers plenty of benefits such as offering an insight into possible risks involved in a particular business process, easy cost estimation, quick and well-informed decision making and more.

Analytics not only help your business to understand parameters that speed up company growth, but also allow you to concentrate on areas to lead the competition by performing things in a better way.

Offering multiple benefits, mobile forms are a boon to business. While many companies have already embarked on the journey to go paperless, many others are thinking about the same. If you want to improve your business process and its productivity, go mobile.

TeamBee is a mobile form building app which allows its users to create customizable mobile forms for data collection. With its feature to transform data into pie charts and graphs, it enables qualitative and quantitative analysis of data, helping in better decision making.

Advertising on Google Vs. Advertising on Facebook

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is about, does it make a sound? Maybe, but if nobody is there to hear it, who definitely cares? This cliche is in no way having a greater degree of truth than for website design. You might have an immaculately created site; pleasing on the eye, uncomplicated to navigate, having a host of well believed out data and in-built functional components to keep it running smoothly. The issue getting that if nobody is there to see it or a minimum of if it is only acquiring out to a fraction of its possible audience, then it could as well not exist. The key to solving this conundrum is Search Engine Marketing SEnuke X Review.

The vast majority of finish users come across websites by way of one of the numerous Search Engines available. The outcomes these Search Engines turn out are something but random. Prospective clients will only have the ability to come across your site via Search Engines if it has been optimized for SEM by a qualified Search Marketing Specialist. These are the internet magicians who be sure that on the net visitors is getting driven to your internet site, and for that reason your firm, instead of that of your competitors. SEM maximizes the on the net visibility of your enterprise in an increasingly crowded on the net marketplace.

Helpful SEM might be achieved by employing many strategies including Search Engine Optimization (Seo), and Google AdWords. SEO is actually a legitimate way of improving your website’s rankings making use of targeted key phrases to place your enterprise at the top of the outcomes page for relevant search terms. A specialist in SEO might be able to identify by far the most common key phrases for your business, create content material about this principle, and use internal linking to ideal marketplace your site inside Search Engines. They’ll also have the ability to drive visitors towards your internet site by way of write-up marketing and advertising along with the creation of sitemaps. With ongoing analytics and further recommendations traditionally included in SEO services, your site might be in a position to maintain the initial momentum push gained from SEnuke X Discount.

Google AdWords provides increased exposure on Google for a nominal fee set by the site owner depending on the level of exposure they demand. To maximize the impact of a Google AdWords campaign, while keeping costs down, it could be wise to have a qualified management consultant on hand. They’ll have the ability to carefully analysis by far the most effective way of appealing to your target marketplace, and monitor your campaign as it develops.

If you are going to have an on the net presence which is actually a reality of modern day commerce, you may as well get your brand available in front of the largest probable audience. Essentially the most effective way of doing this is to seek the tips of a specialist in the field of Search Engine Marketing

Shopping Centre Promotions Made Effective With These Techniques

Considering optimisation of income for the shopping centre, the marketing techniques adopted are actually the basic to the results you achieve. The manager of the shopping centre and the landlord should take active participation in creating marketing operation for the shopping store. Such a campaign needs to be created in advance of a particular financial year and the incorporation has to be done in the retail centre within the business plan.

The manager of the shopping centre will undertake with promotion not only for the shopping centre but also for the tenants. Every year the marketing operation would be designed perfectly by taking the required data from the manager and also after the consultation of the important tenants within their mix. Shopping centre promotions is undoubtedly an important way in which the products can be advertised. There are various strategies and methods that can be considered before undertaking this step. Certain important things need to be considered as mentioned herein.

The known or the expected changes in the demographics of the local community and the growth of regional place and its expected changes in the coming years have to be analysed. The competitive shopping centre in the place and also their points of difference needs to be considered. The renovation and refurbishment strategies that need to take place in the shopping centre for maintaining the right level of presentation and the plans of the anchor tenant in the property and the changes and pressures have to be considered. These aspects will give an indication of the changes that are expected within the local community. Such aspects will help in the planning of marketing alternatives for applying in the retail property.

The marketing techniques in the retail shopping places are known to be varied and for this purpose, it is important to connect with the community groups, local charities for getting them involved in the activities of the mall. There are chances that they would make use of the mall for the sake of donations, competitions and memberships. In case the local community has decided for some kind of celebrations in the year, it is important that even the shopping centre builds around such lines. It is important to create competition in this aspect as well. You can choose to give a special prize for this purpose. The purchase that is made in particular tenancy could feature with a special offer in case the customer decides on spending a certain amount on the property on a particular day. The bag stuffers and the competition flyers could also be placed in all the sales bags. If there is a huge car parking lot, it can be for activities like car boot sale during the times of the weekend. With the help of these techniques, it is sure that product demonstration can be done effectively. Food demonstration can also be done effectively in the malls by providing with food samples as this is the best way to attract the customers.

It is essential to know that the marketing manager and the shopping place managers are definitely the important people for making this happen.

3 Old Bad SEO Strategies Can Get Your Site Google Penalized

Have you hired any SEO service provider for your website without knowing about their exactly doing the activity? Hopefully not, but there is chance that you negotiate about pricing without focusing on quality so activities being offered. Since there are many marketers who are so service providers but do not follow Google’s guidelines for following best SEO practices. So if you have never been in the Google penalty kinder of Panda or Penguin than you could be just because of doing bad and old ineffective activities. Complete results say goodbye to all your branding and online reputation.

In this start of year 2017 we would like to update you about 3 crucial SEO strategies which should be taken care before you on-board with any of the SEO service providers.

1. Homepage backlinking:

It is good to create Backlink for our homepage but creating multiple backlinks only for homepage when comparing with other webpages is not good strategy. Some of the companies says that acquiring homepage Backlink is good and increase brand awareness, however it is not the fact atleast not in year 2017. In previous decade year 2015, this strategy was helpful for ranking website higher. “John Mueller” who is Google authorized webmaster said, “Creating Backlink for Home Page in natural way is good, but if you Spam this than you might also Spam”.

Homepage Link + Exactly Match Anchor Text = Leading to Google Penalty

So make a balance between creating Backlinks for homepage and for other pages you have.

2. Link Farming or generating Link Wheel:

Link farming is just a series of free websites which allow creating page on their websites like wordpress, blogger and many other. For generating Backlinks, webmasters creates pages on these platforms and put some related content. This does not has any sense and not beneficial in ranking and all. Same way some of the webmasters prefer creating a backlink circle (link wheel) with their content network websites.

So Link wheel or Farming is not a strategy but it is the trick for creating many Articles containing one link of your website which Google can catch easily and cause to penalty.

3. Backlinking from Penalize website:

Not all but most of the backlinks are beneficial in getting higher rank in SERP. However if you are not analyzing background of backlinks offering websites then this can also be a reason of moving your website towards to penalty or sandbox.

So never tried to generate Backlinks from already penalize websites as instead creating Backlink it redirect you towards to Google penalty.

Anything Else for Preventing from Bad SEO activities:

Apart from above 3 there are many other activities which should be taken care before you go for them. But these 3 activities are which still being used by seo service provider which cause to Google penalty and nothing else. There are many other companies which are offering ethical seo services like Digital Bulbs having a team of perfect SEO strategist to serve it’s clients in well manner.

Tips Get Success For Your Brand Through Bulk SMS Marketing.

There are many marketing services through which you can promote your brand and reach many customers effectively. But, the question here arises, how bulk SMS marketing act as an effective marketing service for your businesses? It is cost-effective, quick and instant. These are the prime reasons due to which it is gaining popularity and most of the brands are using SMS marketing for their business.

Flexibility and Speed:

All brands need to be geared to respond to the ease of the advanced business world, as adaptability and flexibility are important to responding to the continually changing market situations. With the bulk messaging marketing, campaigns can be considered and conveyed to their intended target audience within few minutes.

Open Rates

98% of all messages are opened by the recipient and within a fraction of seconds. It sounds great. Isn’t it? However, when compared to the open rate of email. Also, the way that of those messages that are really opened the normal open time on these is around forty-eight hours. So in the event that you need to ensure that your SMS is seen by the recipients in your marketing database.

Low Cost

Newspaper ads, TV commercials and almost all forms of outdoor advertising cost prohibitive for most small to medium sized businesses. Bulk SMS marketing, on the other hand, has such low set up and running costs that campaigns can be launched and executed for a tiny fraction of the costs associated with the more traditional marketing methods.


TV ads, newspaper ads and all types of open air publicizing are cost restrictive for most little to medium estimated organizations. Mass SMS advertising, then again has such low set up and running costs that battles can be propelled and executed for a little portion of costs related to the more customary showcasing techniques.


SMS can be customized to the and send to the recipient within some seconds. They can likewise be customized in light of the customer’s past purchasing behavior. It can be based on demographics as well as based on stores. To attempt and accomplish this level of customization in some other type of promoting would be costly. With bulk SMS, it should be possible for no additional cost and additionally have an interestingly powerful effect on the recipient.

Regularity Matters:

While doing SMS marketing you need to understand that you shouldn’t flood your customer’s inbox with plenty of messages every month. It will make your customer angry and will unsubscribe from the service. You shouldn’t leave it too long without sending messages, customers may forget you in this case. For this, you need to maintain a regular pattern. Follow a weekly or monthly pattern to send SMS to your customer.

To conclude, you should know that nowadays mobile phone is considered as the first screen and not the third screen. What is the most widespread technique on the mobile phone? It is SMS function. It is the time to reach your customers directly and instantly. Therefore, SMS marketing can bring success to your business effectively.